Blog #003

Design Management

Nowadays Brands want to achieve the best user experience through Design. Where Design is used as an innovative tool of problem-solving considering factors of Economics, Socio-cultural, and environmental.

Design Management is to synchronize design, technology, customer needs, and business profitability. It is a process to innovate and create customized designed products, services, and environments, which could add value to the life of customers, employees, managers, and stakeholders and should be commercially viable. The Design Manager’s role is to integrate, maintain, and evolve the company’s Design with Brand values, mission and goal, keeping consumer satisfaction at the core of all the activities.

Originally DM was limited to the management of Design Assets of the Brand but now as Design Thinking has made its eminent place at the functional and strategic level, DM has become much broader and its role varies from brand to brand.

There are many diagrams explaining DM, but for me, it is simply being empathetic and creative enough to look through your customer, management, technology, and economics all at once and coming up with the solution that is good for all. And it’s a process.