Blog #002

Does a formal education or a degree in design is required to be a good designer?

No, it doesn’t. To be a good designer you really don’t need any University stamp. But you got to be a good designer to get into the best of the Universities.
To get into any of the Fine Arts colleges you got to be best among the lot, to succeed in the cut-throat entrance exam. So if you happen to get into the University, congratulations! Because now your world and knowledge of Art, Design, Market, Human Behaviour, and Culture are about to expand many folds. The University of design gives a foundation on which you would learn to reason. Earlier you were just designing, but after getting in you will have a thought, purpose, and reason behind every stroke, colour, and texture. By the time you will get your Degree, you would have done many campaigns and would fit much better in the industry. University training will always give you an upper hand in the future. I am so proud to have two degrees in Fine Arts and Design & Branding Strategy, It has definitely helped me to be a better Designer, Artist, Storyteller, and have grown as a person.
Anybody who has a flame for Art & Design should definitely go for a Degree, It will going to change your perspective towards everything. Just my thoughts!