Blog #001

“I know that I know nothing”

The above quote was accounted by Greek Philosopher Plato as the words of another philosopher, Socrates. And it has been a Crux of my life for years. I loved this quote so much that some years ago I made it my tagline in my Resume, which for obvious reasons was not liked by a lot of people. My friend objected, how could I write I know nothing when I had years of experience? Her point was right, nobody had time to understand my thoughts through my resume, all they were interested in the matching skills with their requirements.

So I kept it to myself as a tool of zeal and mantra of growth. And today I want to share it with you.
I know that I know nothing simply means more I get to know about something, more I understand that I still have so much more to learn and I still know nothing or a fraction of it. The more you dig into something, the more you get to know how nature has kept its secret in N-number of layers. This philosophy fits all spheres of life. Photoshop is a tool I have been using every day for years still, I find something new in it every now and then.
I truly believe wisest is one who knows that he knows nothing. This belief of mine never lets me stop learning & growing.