Doodle my thoughts around…

“Design is an experience, which designer creates by using his or her imaginative combination of colours, words, fonts, materials, textures, sounds, and stories.”

“Artist is simply a person who develops a unique experience through his art which audience may or may not relate to, but that is not important.”

“Designer or Artist – when a design becomes art, designer becomes artist.”

“Great Artist are artist, who dared to do something different which people sooner or later could understand and relate to, and left overwhelmed.”

“Designer sees things with his or her own unique and unusual way of looking.”

“Successful commercial designer is a one who knows what kind of experience he/she wants audience to have and then work back to design.”

“Strategy is setting a goal and then planning a step by step procedure to reach that goal. A strategy is required in organising a wedding or launching a new product worldwide.”

“Design Strategist is a person whose goal is to give desired experience to target audience (mainly consumers). Strategist plans from big idea, product design, colours, ad design to medium through which design will reach to audience with maximum impact. Design ROI (Return over Investment) is also import for design strategist.”

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