Blog #009

I know a lot of people are looking for an ideal way to deal with everyday disapprovals & rejections. But sorry to say, there is no ideal way. Rather with experience & better clarity on how the audience on different platforms interacts with designs, you will find it even more tiring to explain your thought process to everyone every time.

So there is no way out to this situation but there is definitely a way to ease it. The biggest mistake as a creative person we do is we want to make every project the best one of our life. In-between we forget that we are not the sole owner of any creative, there are always, Producers, Marketing Managers, Clients & rest. Plus, there will be limitations of time & resources. So follow the Mantra I have “Do the best you can, speak your mind, make the changes with a smile & move on”. YOU DON’T OWN THE EVERY DAMN PROJECT YOU CREATE, maximum times it’s the reflection of your client’s liking. Sometimes for the sanity of your mind just do the changes & sleep well. There is no need to prove yourself & to create the best of the best every time. Last but not least we could be wrong 🙂 just sometimes, accept it.